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rigate John L Hall will sail into Georgia's Batumi Port on Friday to conduct training drills with the Georgian navy, local media reported. The joint drills will include learning to

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n) bill by the end of September, all of them will be out of a job -- just because of politics in Washington," Obama said. "And that's just not acceptable. That's inexcusable." Rep

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North-Eastern United States. The pile up accident, which included a bus and a tractor trailer happened on a turnpike in Middlesex County, New Jersey. At least one person was killed

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an has lost a friend. He was an accomplished and experienced diplomat who quickly gained the confidence of his interlocutors," said Zardari in a condolence message. "He was a key

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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ublicans soon reacted to Obama's remarks and disputed the allegations that Republicans are trying to block funding for the transportation industry. "Aside from the president today

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y would work collectively to strengthen the treaty's institutional framework, and called on states that were not party to the NPT to accede to the treaty so as to achieve its uni

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the primary itself. Mitt Romney, the perceived frontrunner who is seeing his lead being washed away by a surging Newt Gingrich, conceded during a campaign event that he may not be

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government on Monday announced that it will slap sanctions on Iran's energy sector and warned the financial firms in the world against dealing with the Islamist state. "Recent day

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the car. Times Square reopened to vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Sunday, but U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said authorities are "alerting state and local la

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arting from July 3. The prohibition, which was originally applicable to candidates running for president and governors, has now been extended to candidates for all federal and loca

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6 After-School Snacks the Kid Will Love

ength. "This is a year for some of the stronger candidates to show how strong they are, and for some lesser candidates to jump up onto that higher tier." The debate, to be held in

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