for working together," said Morales. "From this moment, there is trust between the president of Bolivia and the president of Paraguay." LA PAZ, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- Bolivian Presi.

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Nuclear stalemates on the the DPRK and Iran have been widely viewed by critics as major frustration to the Obama administration's foreign policy in its fist year. In 2009, Pyongyan.

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ster Benjamin Netanyahu, sworn in two month after Obama, insisted that natural growth must be allowed in order to accommodate the normal life of the some 300,000 settlers in the .

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ghway Patrol said. An SUV was speeding on a highway near the Oklahoma Panhandle town of Elmwood when it crossed the center line and slammed head-on into an oncoming van carrying wo.

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id on Tuesday. Nuland told reporters that David Hale, U.S. special Middle East envoy, and Dennis Ross, chief advisor on the Middle East at the White House, are in the region to co.

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ly sent the Senate plans of 10-point reforms in December 2009. But the reforms approved on Wednesday failed to address Calderon's following proposals -- holding of run-off electi .

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ust and security" among their customers in terms of quality, service, hygiene, health and civil protection. His faith in the revival of Chinese restaurants in the city also comes .

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by Hurricane Jova, Hurricane Irwin and three other tropical storms in the last week. Some 6,913 were reportedly moved to shelters in Guatemala, while 8,995 were evacuated in Nicar.

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state-run NNTV said. Nguyen arrived in Cuba on Sunday and will stay through Thursday. Cuba and Vietnam have maintained good relations since the establishment of their diplomatic t.

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