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ncil on Sunday picked up a former president and sitting legislator Burhanudin Rabbani who had fought Taliban militants in the past decade as its chairman to approach Taliban outfi

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he government for current economic woes. The Occupy Wall Street movement has been targeting large financial institutions on Wall Street, while the Tea Party movement continues to f

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ted States and Russia will join the annual East Asia Summit this year. On Saturday, Campbell will attend meetings with Malaysian government officials, academics and business leade

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government and has recently sent an ambassador to Damascus -- for the first time in six years. The United States withdrew its ambassador from Damascus in February 2005, after the

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sectors. CARACAS, April 1 (Xinhua) -- The plane crash in Venezuela that left 17 people dead and 34 others injured last September was caused by mechanic failure, and U.S. maintena

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NASA, the earliest launch opportunity for Discovery is Nov. 8, at 12:53 p.m. EST (1553 GMT), which is also the last date Discovery can launch in this window. The next launch win

程小青作品集 -小青小说

ing with Washington to undermine his government. Venezuela severed its ties again with Colombia on July 22 after Bogota accused Caracas of hosting guerilla chiefs in its territory