s been the second diplomatic mission in Cairo to shut its doors to the public this week. The British Embassy in Cairo closed to the public services on Sunday for security reasons..

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io Barradas Mirabetea. "The death of Gerardo Barradas, a voice that criticized corruption in his state, is one more reason for us all to fight against criminals. His death is a so.

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he police did not fire any shots. The gunman is believed to have shot himself. The authorities have not released the names of the three men and are carrying out further investigati.

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free time during the day to do their daily activities." In Concepcion, life is slowly returning to normal. People were queuing patiently for water and food. Troops were patrolling.

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ONEMI) reported Friday. Full Story ? SANTIAGO, April 28 (Xinhua) -- Seventeen miners who had been trapped after a fire in a mine located in northern Chile were rescued Sunday by fir.

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s for a government shutdown. Last-minute efforts to resolve the stalemate failed as the Senate rejected the latest House bill. Federal agencies have to identify the essential pers .

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and his climbing partner were scaling the Japanese Couloir at about 13,000 feet (4,000 meters). It appears that Van Reeth's anchor pulled loose and he fell about 100 feet. Accordi.

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hootout, one marine and three suspected gunmen were killed. The navy seized 21 assault rifles, 6,649 cartridges of different calibers, four bullet-proof vests and four SUVs, and d.

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s that these injuries are on the rise. This serves as a call to action. These are preventable injuries, and we must do more to protect our children," said Smith. According to the .

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