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mber of deployed ICBMs, SLBMs, and heavy bombers equipped for nuclear weapons will be limited at 700. This means a significant reduction for the two countries' nuclear arsenal. A r


cave" and are embraced not only by one single people or nation, but by millions of people from different nations in the world. "Those men are completely innocent and are heroes w.


nd I will not stop," he said, adding that his trips may extend to cover the weekends, so he could inaugurate "as many projects as possible before December 31" when his term ends. I.


wishes to more than 19,000 children and their families since it was founded in 1984. Foundation fundraising coordinator Kimberly Antifaeff said it was very important to lift child.


in their borrowing, but some are borrowing to the max at low interest rates. We know interest rates are going to go up over time," Flaherty told reporters at a press conference he.

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a) -- Bolivia's Chamber of Deputies on Thursday adopted a measure seeking to strengthen the country's existing customs laws in the fight against smuggling. Marcelo Elio, president .

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6 sailors. ROK claimed after completing investigations that the warship was torpedoed by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), while Pyongyang denied its involvement. W.

tries and he is here to hear the concerns of Canada's national security team. A decorated airman and a sailor, Winnefeld served in Afghanistan immediately after the terrorist attac.

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