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gulatory Commission also sought to allay fears that small releases of radiation from Japan's crippled Fukishima reactors were a threat to the U.S., the Los Angeles Times said. Avai

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ss cards with both English and Japanese. But now more mayors began to print their business cards with English and Chinese. In an interview with Xinhua last November, Indiana Gover

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"The secretariat of the FARC orders all guerrilla units throughout the country to cease all types of military offensive operations," said leader of the FARC delegation Ivan Marqu

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had made it extremely hard for the country to rise up quickly from rubbles. According to the UNICEF, prior to the earthquake, more than half of the Haitian population lived on less

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ent in 2000, said the study. The fast-growing influx of Asians pushed the total population of Asian Americans to a record 18.2 million in 2011, about 5.8 percent of the total U.S.

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ster Elias Jaua said Thursday that ailing President Hugo Chavez is running the country and presented as proof Chavez's signature on a presidential decree naming Jaua to his new p

他故意往里顶了一下 -福利盒子在线看视频

he campaign, trying to raise awareness about climate change. The action was taken on the 100-day countdown to the UN climate change conference scheduled for Nov. 30 in Paris. Garcet