ight, when he is expected to lay out an economic plan to shore up job creation and economic growth during a joint session of Congress. The new survey showed that about two-thirds .

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.2 percent to 4.25 percent, the poll said. Forecast for inflation dropped for the second time from the previous week's 5.21 percent to 5.17 percent for 2012, while for 2013 it woul.

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000 have left voluntarily. On Thursday, Santos presented three conditions for meeting with Maduro over the border crisis. First, he asked Maduro to open up a humanitarian corridor a.

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x News and NBC as winner of the race, after about 30 percent of votes were counted. Exit polls showed the race as a close one, and the Republican Walker was in dead heat with Demo.

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ced that all U.S. troops stationed in Iraq will pull out of that country by the end of this year, and the Iraq War will be over. His announcement has drawn fire from some conserva.

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rats (RNDP), took first place with 31.37 percent of the vote, ahead of the ruling party's Jude Celestin. However, the results were strongly questioned by the international communi .

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ion was not over, adding that 30 detectives were assigned to investigate the death of Gray. According to U.S. news daily The Washington Post that claimed to have obtained the polic.

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who cross into Venezuelan territory to seek shelter. "The reason for the deterioration of relations between Venezuela and Colombia is the continued and permanent tolerance of the p.

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n into southern Buenos Aires province, hundreds of miles to the northeast. The airport in Bahia Blanca, a major city south of Buenos Aires, was closed Monday morning for safety re.

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