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l continue to grow robustly in the future, the region still has to tackle overheating of economy and other challenges, Anoop Singh, director of the Asia and Pacific Department of


falling. In July, the statistical agency reported that " both the volume and severity of police-reported crime fell in 2009, " three percent from 2008 and 17 percent from 1999. "Th.


ter must be returned. During Thursday's meeting, the Cuban delegation also briefed its U.S. counterpart about the Caribbean nation's changed migratory policy, said the statement. I.


e ugliest and most embarrassing face the world's richest country refrain from displaying to the rest of the world. The one-year Ferguson anniversary, coupled with Taylor's death, .


ber of countries that are transforming their economy and making progress despite the world economic crisis and obstacles of the U.S. embargo, he said. Castro urged the Cuban people.

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rity system of the U.S. embassy detected explosive signs in the man's hands and some items he was carrying.? Full story Pakistani detained for possible bomb attempt in U.S. Embassy.

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"The U.S. intelligence community assesses with some degree of varying confidence that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in Syria, specifically the chemi.

e killed during a clash with the Mexican Army near Monterrey city, capital of Nuevo Leon state in northern Mexico, the Mexican Defense Ministry said on Monday. The clash occurred o.

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