dent Rafael Correa, a second survivor was a Honduran citizen. "Now we know that a Salvadorian also survived and now he is in the United States. Fortunately he was not killed," Fune.

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sela Alonso, president of the National Environment Agency. "Many of the results of these studies are incorporated not only into the plans for confronting disasters, but also into .

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is, the PNA gained 107 votes supporting its membership bid in UNESCO, with only 14 countries voting against and another 52 countries abstained.? Full story Special Report: Palesti.

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The Cuban government has promised to attract more foreign investment in the Caribbean island to create jobs, according to guidelines published Monday by Cuban official media. The i.

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to maintain order in the area. The Illiouchine aircraft, registered with a local company, Aero-Service, was on a flight from Pointe-Noire, a port city about 500 km southwest of Bra.

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year. "Our government is taking decisive action and working closely with groups such as the Canadian Center for Child Protection to safeguard the most vulnerable and innocent membe .

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aid the legislation helps do what the federal government can not - stem the tide of massive illegal immigration. Opponents describe the law as a draconian measure that encourages r.

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, according to forecasters. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has said it is continuing to closely monitor Hurricane Irene and coordinating closely with all of its st.

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ate will be scheduled as soon as possible for the summit, which is to become a landmark event for the region with the official creation of "the Community of Latin American and Ca.

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