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(Xinhua) -- An Asian man in his 60s turned himself in to police Thursday, claiming responsibility for shooting at the Chinese Consulate-General's building, police said. Capt. Ste

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current college students and borrowers at 10 percent of their income. It will also forgive the balance of their debt after 20 years of payments, rather than 25 years under the c

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thern California Edison in Los Angeles, before killing himself, local media reported. (Xinhua/Yang Lei) LOS ANGELES, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- A gunman armed with a rifle opened fire Fri

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n measures to ensure that they are not stolen or otherwise misused." Canada must also have control over both the storage and subsequent use of any separated plutonium, as well as

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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a San Franciscan home Friday morning, local police said Sunday. Binh Thai Luc, a 35-year-old San Francisco resident, has been charged with five counts of murder, the San Francisco

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ed 15-30. Some 120 bosses of criminal groups have been captured during that period, including "three of the most important" this year alone, he added. This week, the Mexican author

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the emigration of 6,204 peasants. From 2004 to 2008, forestry jobs increased by 27 percent, and the net value of products and services from forest-related activities increased 36

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President Mubarak to attend, "in view of their critical role in this effort." Clinton said President Obama will hold bilateral meetings with the four Middle East leaders, followed

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e the matter of terrorism worse and provided "a breeding ground for more terrorism". "As a nation that has publicly affirmed its belief that respect for truth advances respect for

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nd three years of high-school education. Basic schooling is universal around the country, but access to preschool and high-school education still needs to be improved. Neves, who w

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as," which calls for a joint action plan to be established for CELAC along with the relevant working programs and the procedures for the operative work of the group. Related: Latin

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